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It takes very little for lead in your home to make its way into your body, either by breathing lead dust or handling objects that have lead dust on them. Once there, the effects can be devastating, causing everything from nervous system damage and learning disabilities in children to high blood pressure and memory loss in adults. Ramon Home offers inspection, testing and abatement services to help keep your home safe and ensure that lead is removed properly without further exposing you or your family.

We are EPA and HPD certified lead specialists, serving the New York City metro area and the five boroughs. We work around your schedule and offer services at times convenient to you or your tenants. Our teams work with city inspectors on a daily basis ensuring that removal has been done in accordance with regulations and regularly receiving high approval ratings. After services are completed, we file everything with the HPD right away, so that you’re information is available within 24 hours.

Contact Ramon Home today to schedule your lead inspection or abatement service, or click here to learn more about our services.
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